Whether you’re racing into first place at the barrels, or going out with the girls, you'll find the shirts, jeans, boots, dresses and outerwear you need for every facet of your busy life. From work to chic, we've got women's western wear covered, plus some extra to spice it up!

There’s a little cowgirl in all of us:  Elusive, passionate, and untamed. At Dimestore Cowgirl, we cater to the free spirit within you. We pride ourselves on a special line of  high-quality products unique on its own yet tailored to fit your everyday style.







Don't let the the word Cowgirl fool you!
We love being a  trend-on-fashion store. Known to bring all the trend-on-fashion latest fashions. We love  a dash of cowgirl, a sprinkle of rock and roll or some extreme glitz and glam.  We love everything that is bold and makes a statement.




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